Presence All your Mac's files, anywhere. Internet access to all your Mac's files from iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC — securely.
Share files with others too, instantly.

Install the Presence app on the Mac you want to access.
Connect to your Mac from iPhone and iPad using the Presence iOS app.
Connect to your Mac by web browser from any Mac or PC, like this:
Share files with others by just sending them a link.

Everything on hand, whenever you need it

Convenient: Your files are available all the time, without you doing anything.
No USB sticks, no emailing files to yourself, no uploading.

Everything: Cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud make just some files available. Presence makes everything available, so you're covered for all eventualities, and you can organise your files your way.

Share with other people

Send large files: Getting large files to others has never been easier. Too big to email? Use Presence and just send a link, instantly. There's no messing around uploading to file sharing services — a couple of clicks and it's done.

Whole folders and multiple files: Share whole folders for people to browse at their leisure, or share multiple files and folders as a download.

Share from anywhere: You can do all this, and you don't even need to be at your Mac.

Take photos through your Mac's camera, from anywhere

A user favourite (and you can turn it off if you want to.)

Privacy and security

Cloud services like Dropbox copy your files to their server.
With Presence, your files are only on your Mac, so your privacy is ensured.

Your Mac is protected using https, the same technology used in online banking and online shopping.

Free your iPhone and iPad

Presence is the bridge between your iPhone and iPad apps and the outside world.
On your device, you can transfer files from your Mac to other apps, and from other apps back to your Mac (if the apps support this). Great for editing files on the go, but the possibilities are endless.

General features:

Access to suit the moment: Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad

Connect by iPhone or iPad when you're mobile. But when you're near a computer, make use of that big screen and connect to your Mac with any web browser.

Don't have an iPhone or iPad?

That's ok — it's just an optional extra. You have complete access to your Mac's files from any Mac or PC, and all you need is a web browser.


Presence is much faster than screen sharing.


Your Mac is password-protected and your data is protected with the same technology used for online banking and online shopping, so you know your Mac is safe. Read more about security...


Unlike Dropbox and other services, your files aren't copied to someone else's server, so your privacy is ensured. In these days of online snooping, it can be nice to know that your business stays your business.

Email from anywhere

You can send someone files from your Mac without even downloading them first. For big files, create a share instead.

Many more features

Share files with others:

Files too big to email? Send a link instead.

Want to get big files to someone else? Many files these days are too big to email. With Presence, just send a link.

Instant sharing - no uploading

Unlike file sharing services, you don't have to upload files to a server somewhere else. Files are shared right from your Mac, and are available immediately.

How sharing works:

It's easy to share any of your Mac's files and folders with other people.

Just select the files you want to share, and Presence creates a short link for you to email to people. When they click the link, they receive the files. Simple!

You can even give them access to a folder to browse at their leisure.

Password protection

If you're sharing sensitive files, you can protect the share with a password.

Share from anywhere

You don't need to be at your Mac to create a new share - you can do it remotely from any Mac or PC, or from your iPhone or iPad.

Multiple files? Zip or browse.

You can share multiple files and whole folders, and they'll be downloaded as a zip file. Or, you can make a folder browsable, and people can take just what they want.

As many shares as you like

Each time you share files, a new share is created. Each share has its own URL and its own password (optional).

iPhone and iPad features:

Round-trip editing!

Download a file and pass it to another app, make some changes, then transfer it back to your Mac. Works with any app that shares files.

Read documents

You can view all the standard file types, like PDFs, Office and iWork documents, plus extras like RTF and web archives.

Pass files to other apps

Want to edit a Pages file? Have a preferred document reading app? Presence will pass a file to any other app that handles it.

Send files from other apps to your Mac

Any iOS app that shares files can send a file to Presence. Presence then lets you save the file to your Mac.

Plus - anything you can copy, you can paste to a file on your Mac. Perfect for images or text you want to keep.

Store files on your device

Save files locally for quick access, or for times when there's no network.