Uploadium for Mac

Effortless uploads for web developers
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Uploadium: Upload files to SFTP servers with a single action.
It's great for web developers.

Upload with the menu bar icon
Drop files on the menu bar icon
Upload without leaving the editor
A hotkey uploads the current file in any app
Upload from Terminal
% up styles/*.css

Uploadium beats standard FTP clients because it's so much faster to use:

Upload with a standard FTP client – painful!

  • Open the app
  • Choose the server
  • Laboriously click through folders to get to your web site content
  • Click through more folders to get to the right place in the site
  • Now upload your files (finally!)

Upload with Uploadium – simple!

  • Drag files to the menu bar icon (or, press a hotkey)
  • That's all. Feel smug!

One action, but your files go to the right folder on the right server.

Other menubar uploaders dump all your files in a single folder on a single server, but Uploadium is smart.

Try it. It's free for two weeks, and easy to set up.

Pricing: Two week free trial. $10 per year.

Do less, work smarter

Upload in one action
No logging in
No navigating through server folders
No need to leave the editor


Lives in the menu bar
Stays out of the way
Just enough feedback


Multiple web sites / upload folders
Multiple upload servers
Many ways to upload

Uploadium requires macOS 10.11 or higher.